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All About Us

Image by Murilo Gomes

For most of us, our lives are spent dealing with the daily drudgery of working life, dreaming of escaping to lands unknown. Unfortunately, we tend to have very limited time in which to undertake these kinds of adventures making the spare time we have a highly valuable asset, one with which you will want to make the most of. From our personal experience, there is nothing worse than to have just returned from an adventure and discover, that when sharing travel stories, you missed out on some incredible sites and instead were stuck with the masses at some decidedly underwhelming "attraction". That feeling of missing out on something incredible, as my daughter would call it FOMO, can lead to disappointment when you want to make the most out of your trip, experiencing as much as you can.

What we are looking to do is to try and remove those worries, to point you to the things you shouldn’t miss, and perhaps more importantly, the things you really can afford to skip past. The idea around this site it to leverage local expert knowledge, to help provide the inside scoop as to what is hot and what is not around Scotland. Alongside the local experts we would also want to hear from fellow travellers who will be able to help the rest of the community with hints & tips and little hidden gems that even the locals may have missed. So please feel free to get in touch if you want to contribute and post to our blog or forum.


Your local Scottish Guides

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